Travel out and back with MOBY and Tirrenia and save on the whole trip!

If you're going to Sardinia, Corsica and Sicily, purchase your return ticket together with the outbound ticket and save up to 20% on both legs, subject to availability. Sometimes we offer special rates on certain departures to and from Sardinia, Corsica and Sicily.

- The discount applies exclusively to outgoing and return tickets purchased at the same time.
- The discount will be applied to the passenger and/or car tariff (the discount, if available, will also be applied to passengers without cars) nett of taxes and rights.
- The discount may only be available on one of the two legs.
- The discount will not be applied to cabins or armchairs.
- The discount code will only be accepted for the purchase of MOBY and TIRRENIA tickets.
- The offer applies to departures to and from Sardinia - Corsica - Sicily.
- The discount code can only be used for obtaining a discount on newly purchased tickets and not for ticket modifications.
- Subject to available space assigned to this offer and applicable dates.
- The discount will be applied to cars of category 1-2-3 up to 2.2 m high.
- This offer is not retroactive.
- "This discount code may be combined with all other MOBY and TIRRENIA special offers but not with other tickets, coupons or vouchers issued for other promotions or for offers by other companies."
- The discount will not be applied to taxes, rights, insurance, meals, other supplements and group tariffs.
- The discount code can only be used for named tickets.
- Should a leg be cancelled, the discount is automatically invalidated and the tariff available for the remaining leg at the time of the variation will be recalculated.
- Penalties for modification and cancellation will vary according to the tariff applied to the ticket, as in the general conditions of transport.
- In the event of port personnel observing discrepancies between the booking and actual departure, the ticket with the discount code will be invalidated and a new full-fare ticket will be required for passage.



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